NOTE: No animals were harmed during the making of this site.

So, why “Star Meats”?

Back in my student days, my teacher, leaving class in a hurry, realized he hadn’t given the homework assignment.

Teacher: “Oh! Uh, Design a banner for a company called, Uh….Star Meats! Have a great weekend!”

So, being sentimental, my website is named after the first banner I ever designed.

So, to continue the culinary theme, I am a San Francisco-based free-range web designer who’s wandered our vast digital landscape for nearly two decades prepping pixels for various agencies and local startups. I take pride in my ability using various tools to creatively carve a beast of a campaign into platters full of lean, mouth-watering client satisfaction – The biggest compliment someone can give me is, “Why didn’t I think of that?!” Other times, I can be found foraging for assets during a sudden famine of content, and have them served up on the table before sundown.

Check out my chops! (Cruelty-free Resume’)