Sprout approached me to come up with a concept and mockup for an interactive mobile ad for “The Adventures of Tintin” movie.

I wanted to create a unit that captured the thrill of mystery and exploration by enabling the user to embark on a mini-adventure exploring a dimly lit room with a flashlight and finding key items that uncover “hidden secrets.”

The experience starts when the user clicks on the flashlight on main banner, this triggers a view into a darkened room lit only by flashlight. The user swipes around, the room pans in various directions uncovering objects hidden throughout the room which when tapped, reveal the following

  • The television set launches the movie trailer
  • A string of images clipped to a clothesline become a gallery of photos
  • A framed picture on the wall reveals both the movie poster and a plot summary.
  • A large book is found to contain photos of the cast & crew.

At any time, the trailer can be shared on various social networks via a “share” tab on the footer of the unit.