Albert Paras

About Me

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Design is My Life

I am a San Francisco-based graphic designer who takes great pride in my strong problem-solving skills and my ability to come up with innovative design solutions.

15 Years of Experience

Working at various startups and agencies for the last 15 years has given me the ability to wear many hats and handle multiple projects with quick turnarounds with grace under pressure.

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Plays Well with Others

I am a strong team player and love the amount of ideas generated through the collaborative proess but, I can also work alone with minimal supervision. Also, I never run with scissors.

What’s Star Meats About?

One day my teacher, realizing he hadn’t given us a homework assignment, stammered out, “Do a banner for a company called…Uh….Star Meats!”. Star Meats is the first banner I ever designed.

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Whatever your needs, I’m looking forward
to hearing from you.

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