Game UX/UI Redesign

The 90 Minute Makeover

This project was a quick revision of a game my developer friend created for his company Styrogome Games. After he launched the beta version of his game, I stepped in to help with the overall UX/UI of the game.

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Original App Issues

  • The game logo is difficult to read, especially from a branding perspective.
  • There is no information on how to play the game or know your score.
  • The interface is very button-heavy.
  • The icons are clunky and take a moment to understand.
  • The colors are drawn from stock swatch colors.
  • Boy, that lime green really sears the corneas!

Keeping Things Clean

  • Redesigned the logo to be more legible while suggesting the nature of the gameplay.
  • Due to the game’s simple gameplay, a more minimal interface and subdued color palate were chosen so a player could focus on the complexity of the puzzle.
  • Menu buttons are smaller so the launch page can include game instructions and an example of a completed puzzle.
  • A scoreboard was added so that a person knows how far along they are in each section.
  • Simpler more universally intuitive icons were used and relocated to the bottom of the interface to keep the screen from looking top heavy

The Redesign – White Version

popup image

The Redesign – Gray Version

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